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Austria 1.20 ¢
Bulgaria 1.50 ¢
France 0.40 ¢
Germany 0.70 ¢
Italy 0.80 ¢
Netherlands 1.00 ¢
Poland 0.80 ¢
Russia - Moscow 0.70 ¢
Spain 0.80 ¢
UK 0.30 ¢
Ukraine 7.90 ¢
Afghanistan 14.20 ¢
China 1.00 ¢
India 1.40 ¢
Iraq - Baghdad 3.00 ¢
Israel 0.90 ¢
Japan 1.50 ¢
Korea South 1.00 ¢
Mongolia 4.00 ¢
UAE 13.40 ¢
USA - Continental 0.60 ¢
Argentina 0.80 ¢
Bolivia 5.90 ¢
Brazil 1.50 ¢
Canada 0.40 ¢
Colombia 2.30 ¢
Mexico - Monterey 0.40 ¢
Ghana 17.50 ¢
Nigeria - Lagos 5.90 ¢
South Africa 2.50 ¢
Australia 0.90 ¢
Philippines 9.90 ¢ is dedicated to provide long distance phone card services like international phone cards and prepaid calling cards with automatic search for the best calling rates to a country of your choice. We offer a wide variety of phone cards for calling all over the world with quality connections at low discount rates. The greatest advantage of our service is online purchase and online instant PIN delivery.

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It's convenient – there is a wide choice of phone cards in one place, easy to compare the rates and find the best deal for You.

Also You can buy Permanent PIN and then refill you card. There are many other features as PIN-free access and balance transfer opportunity. Our cards are the best choice for long distance calls.

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Golden Lotus Phone Card - PIN Free Access, Speed Dial, Call History.   TravelGlobe Phone Card   FastWorld Phone Card - PIN Free Access, No Maintenance Fee!   El Toro Phone Card - PIN Free Access, No Maintenance Fee!   CheapStreet Phone Card   Tiger Phone Card
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